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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Who is using Pinterest? [W]ith more than 10 million users, Pinterest has proven itself to be not just an...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Who is using Pinterest?

What is Pinterest InfographicWith more than 10 million users, Pinterest has proven itself to be not just another social media platform. The user base of the service is also interesting to look closely at. Luckily, the hard work has already been done with a group of new infographics. If you need a general overview, the Infographics Lab is the place to point your browser. If you’re a marketer, the infographic from MDG will be of interest. And if you want to know why Pinterest is so addictive, Flowtown will give your business the insight it’s looking for.

Tesco opens digital grocery store

Tesco Gatwick Virtual StoreVisitors to Gatwick airport will be able to put their smartphones to good use with the county’s first virtual store. Passengers can shop for groceries, which will then be delivered to their homes when they arrive back from their holiday or business trip.

The Gatwick opening builds on Tesco’s launch of the world’s first virtual store in South Korea last year, an innovation, which generated 25 million online posts around the globe. The Korean virtual store allowed commuters to shop in subways and at bus stops by pointing their mobile phones at billboards. Tesco is now trialling the concept for the first time in the UK, but this time using interactive digital displays.

Tesco’s Internet Retailing Director, Ken Towle, said: “Our business in Korea is teaching us a lot about how customers and technology are transforming shopping. It gives us a unique window into the future and the chance to try out exciting new concepts. The virtual store blends clicks and bricks, bringing together our love of browsing with the convenience of online shopping. It’s a chance to showcase what we can do to the 30,000 people a day who will depart from Gatwick’s North Terminal, many of whom will need to fill their fridges when they get home, and we’re looking forward to hearing what they think."

How are top brands using Instagram?

Instagram Brand AdoptionThe following study takes a look at what the Interbrand Top 100 brands are doing to engage consumers using Instagram. It includes the brands and industries leading the charge, how they’re interacting with followers, and where there’s room to develop. The data and analysis comes from Simply Measured’s new Instagram analytics tool, which helps marketers report on both their Instagram engagement and that of their competitors.

Facebook now reports fan impressions

Facebook LogoOver the last few months Facebook has been reacting to its critics that it offers little granular insight into the users of its services. Corporations want this data to allow them to tailor their content and develop brand advocacy across their Facebook pages. Facebook has added four new metrics to its Insights API including:

Post impressions fan – The number of impressions for a page post among people who have Liked the page.

Post impressions fan unique – The number of fans who saw a page post.

Post impressions fan paid – The number of fan impressions that game as the result of an ad, Sponsored Story or promoted post.

Post impressions fan paid unique – The number of fans who saw a page post in an ad, Sponsored Story or promoted post.

For businesses this is important data, as they can now see how many of a post’s impressions can from existing and new fans.

In Brief…

Why your business should be partnering with Foursquare

A new detailed post from Simply Zesty reveals the power that Foursquare now has in the retail space. Now with 20 million users, the service includes web and mobile platforms. There is a clear commercial imperative as well with research suggesting that Foursquare users are likely to spend more money – to a factor of three – than none users. If your corporation has been looking at Foursquare, this blog could be all your business needs to make the decision.

Four social trends that are already changing your business

A new report from Bazzarvoice has revealed how social media has moved to become the foundation of business today. The report gives details of four trends that have been identified that will influence the development of your business over the next few years.

What’s the ROI of being attentive to your customers?

A new infographic from Demand Force aims to answer that question by providing insight into how social media is being used – or not in many cases – to deliver real world gains to businesses. With personal response rates being high on the social agenda, why not use this infographic to rate your business’ social activity?

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