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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Your news update this week includes... Top 5 conversion opportunities for digital marketers [A] new infographic from Adobe gives a good insight into the oppor...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Your news update this week includes...

Top 5 conversion opportunities for digital marketers

Adobe Digital Marketing OpportunitiesA new infographic from Adobe gives a good insight into the opportunities that your business could lever to expand its digital marketing activity. The infographic distils the results of Adobe’s 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization survey. The highlights from the survey include: Over 80% of respondents allocate 15% or less of their marketing budget to optimization efforts – up only 1% from our 2009 survey. More than 50% of the respondents cited test­ing was still not a company priority. Yet fewer than 50% of respondents are optimiz­ing on-site search results.

In evaluating this year’s responses, the following Top 5 conversion opportunities emerged:

  • Prioritize optimization across your organization as a strategic process – demonstrate small conversion wins to gain support and buy-in for more ongoing optimization efforts.
  • Use a data-driven approach to optimization – leverage your analytics to better inform site search results, what content to test and to recommend and what areas to focus on personalizing.
  • Optimize conversion with video – offer more video content, whether it’s created in-house or created by your users. Both formats offer visitors with a way to engage deeper with your brand and become more educated before deciding to click, purchase or subscribe.
  • Optimize social engagement — enable content sharing functionality within your conversion funnel and test the placement and messaging of the calls-to-action.
  • Optimize for all mobile channels – make sure that your tablet experience is laid out for that particular audience and the way they prefer to shop or consume con­tent. Your approach for smart­phone users will also be distinct.

Marketing in the Cloud

Marketing in the CloudThe cloud has been influencing every aspect of business over the last couple of years, but a new infographic from Überflip reveals that the cloud is now essential for marketers.

Says Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing for Uberflip: “Cloud-based tools and technology are changing the way marketers reach and engage with their audience, such as the ways in which they can now distribute and store content. Cloud computing can be secure, allows for multi-device distribution, and ultimately enhances the bottom-line through cost savings and more efficient marketing efforts.”

The key insight from the infographic include:

  • By 2016, over one-third of global digital content will be stored in the Cloud.
  • Average storage per household will grow from 464 gigabytes in 2011 to 3.3 terabytes in 2016.
  • 79% of companies say that cloud cost savings “have been on par with original estimates or even exceeded original estimates.”
  • The global market for cloud computing will grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to more than $241 billion in 2020.

What’s Facebook really worth?

Facebook LogoWith an IPO that didn’t set the world alight, and falling stock value, what will Facebook be worth in a few years’ time? According to TNS that carried out research for Ecwid about £3.1 billion by 2015. What is interesting is that the research reveals that 40% of shoppers would buy from Facebook if the site provided a purchasing experience similar to other leading e-commerce sites. At the moment only 4% of UK shoppers have made a purchase on the site.

Ruslan Fazylev, CEO and founder of Ecwid, said: “While Facebook commerce may still be in its infancy, this study shows it has the potential to grow massively. Many businesses now have a presence on Facebook but relatively few have been able to successfully monetise it to date. 

“It is now actually quite easy to set up a store on Facebook, which offers the same experience as a traditional online store. Furthermore, businesses also have the benefits of a vast social network on their virtual doorsteps. 

“Those businesses that embrace f-commerce in the future are set to see a significant revenue boost. In fact, our figures show businesses that sell from an f-commerce store alongside their traditional website have generated an additional 17.7% of revenue.”

In Brief...

The science of sharing

Social media has taught all corporations that they need to share their resources to gain commercial advantages. A new piece of research is now available that tries to quantify the value of this shared content. The science of sharing gives an insight into how information is shared; who does the sharing and want value businesses can gain from these exchanges.

M-commerce becomes competitive

Within the next three years the mobile commerce market is expected to grow to $160 billion according to ABI Research. However, according to a recent Harris Interactive study, 83% of people feel that their mobile experiences are less than satisfactory. The potential for companies to differentiate themselves from their competition through a superior mobile experience offers a staggering upside for their bottom line. A new infographic from Tealeaf delivers some key insight into the burgeoning M-commerce space.

Could M-commerce overtake E-commerce?

E-commerce has continued to expand, but mobile purchases look set to eclipse even the meteoric rise of e-commerce according to a new infographic from Big Commerce. NFC waits in the wings to offer consumers fast and convenient purchasing with their smart phones. And with a plethora of e-wallet options being developed, M-commerce is the future of retailing.

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