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The Julian Krinsky Group Caleb Mezzy, Social Media Co-Ordinator, The Julian Krinsky Group The Julian Krinsky Group, operated by Julian Krinsky and Adrian Castelli, comprises several tightly int...

The Julian Krinsky Group

Caleb Mezzy, Social Media Co-Ordinator, The Julian Krinsky Group

The Julian Krinsky Group, operated by Julian Krinsky and Adrian Castelli, comprises several tightly integrated business units that (1) Develop and operate camps and programs for children, teens and adults; (2) Provide property management services for sports and recreational facilities; (3) Recruit and provide trained instructors, staff and professional talent for sports academies, clubs and events; and (4) Consult on most issues related to operating resorts and camps — including the purchase, staffing, operation, maintenance and sale of those assets.

Today, the Julian Krinsky Group creates high quality, innovative sports and education experiences for more than 4000 young people each year, and offers a range of other related services.

Caleb Mezzy, Marketing Director, The Julian Krinsky GroupQ Measuring the effectiveness of social media activity is a focus for corporations at the moment. How does your company track the ROI that its social media activity delivers?  

A Our ROI is dependent right now upon finding us and clinching business through our Social Media platforms. In the first year at my new location I increased their Social Media ROI from 4 registrations to over 30.

Q What are the unique benefits of social media over other marketing channels?

A The unique benefits are the chance to have every voice matter along with the chance to build real relationships with people. If you can create brand ambassadors they become an extension of your marketing and the relationships and community grow.

Q Is social media integrated into existing marketing strategies? How do you go about including social in a broader marketing strategy? 

A If social media is not integrated into marketing strategies then your company is missing a key component on learning or knowing their consumer. Everything in your marketing strategy should include Social thinking, which means how can we integrate social sharing, social proof and real life conversations into whatever aspect is being discussed.

Q Can you outline a recent marketing initiative that included a social media component? How is your company innovating in this area?  

A Our entire summer is our business. Providing an excellent experience full of memories is our bread and butter. Now with social media that experience is provided in real time and those consumers involved are able to relive and spread their experiences socially. This has increased our businesses, awareness, market and social interaction.

Q Is social media now offering corporations tangible commercial opportunities to sell their goods or services? 

A I don't believe Social Media is now offering this, I believe corporations are figuring out how to offer this socially.

Q What other opportunities does being active on social media offer your business? 

A It helps in crisis and customer service. Our ear is on the pulse and any negativity that may arise is handled before it's blown up. Customer service has increased our "excellent experience" as we are all hands on deck, no weekends off.

Q Can you outline how your company has integrated social networking into its business processes beyond simply marketing? 

A I've worked hard to educate the entire company, but as many know it can be overwhelming to jump into social networking. I think our general activity in our isolated groups on Facebook is one way we've been able to integrate social media into the normal day in and day out events. LinkedIn is one way we've all participated.

Q How does your company decide what it spends on which social media networks? Does your company have a social media roadmap it is working to?  

A We donate most of our time to new media initiatives and Facebook. Our clientele is 95% on Facebook (ages 13-17), but we are active on all. Instagram and Google + are on the rise for us.

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