By Nelsy Rodriguez - September 28th, 2015

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Our European correspondent Nelsy Rodriguez shares her experience at Europe's biggest e-commerce show.

Last week we attended E-Commerce Paris 2015 (Sept. 21st-23rd). This is the largest e-commerce event in Europe, with over 500 participating companies and more than 28,000 visitors (44% CEOs), and 300 sessions covering the main topic areas of the e-commerce value chain: Digital Marketing, Technology, Customer Experience and Logistics. 

This year’s winners for innovation in the eight main topic categories were:

CRM from lead to conversion. Winner: Antvoice
Next to France's e-commerce leader “La Redoute”, Antvoice provides each customer with a personalized home page with specific products and content based on their preferences

Digitalization of the Point of Sales. Winner: Think & Go
Maker of interactive and connected screens. Use your smartphone, smartwatch or credit card to get a promotion, play, and pay just by simply making contact with the screen

Customer Experience. Winner: Viavoo
Creators of “Mobile Apps Insight” which gives continuous analysis of comments to reveal and compare key insights of the user experience (design, ergonomics, opinions, expectations, dissatisfactions)

Brand Experience. Winner: Click2Buy
Adds a “Buy button” to your ads (video and display) to accelerate the purchases

Logistics. Winner: InPost France Connected Lockers
Created a network of lockers available 24/7. Users can have their orders shipped and returned in convenient locations at any time.

Rookie of the year. Winner: Smartpixels
Changes the texture, material, color, and atmosphere of your product in real time to create a truly digital and physical shopping experience

Technology award and e-Commerce award winner: AB Tasty
AB Tasty created "for App", which allows you to easily optimize the interface of a mobile application, and its UX, without needing to download it again yourself or resubmit it to the App Store.

AB Tasty is also the winner of the “Enterprise en Hyper-Croissance” award. One previous award winner was Criteo (NASDAQ:CRTO), considered a hyper-growth business with an annual turnover growing 68% each year (745 M€ in 2014, compared to 444 M€ in 2013). They have established one of the biggest European R&D centers, are dedicated to predictive advertising, and provide central support to more than 30 markets worldwide.

Five top trends from e-Com Paris 2015:

The online experience must be highly supported by the offline experience (early delivery as a key tactic to create loyalty, quick and effective call centers, fair prices, customized offer, high quality and differentiated product and services)

Challenging some well-established e-wallets, new entrants for payment methods and terms are changing to simplify transactions. Paylib, which works with local French banks, mPayments, which is from MasterCard, and AliPay, from Alibaba, were all on display. They allow consumers to do things like hold payments until they confirm they are satisfied with a shipped product, and all are constantly collecting data on users’ payment and consumption behavior.

DMP is the king of predictive analytics, with some well-publicized, practical cases in insurance within Allianz. Data helps them to build a customer profile and effectively detect 56% of dissatisfied customers and propose them a reformulated offer. Once again real-time analytics play a fundamental role in decisionmaking. Rather than talking about ROI, they are mostly talking about RONI (Risk of non-investment), reducing it by 25%.

The use of disruptive technologies to improve the customer journey and conversion, but with a smooth shift for bulletproof user acceptance

Aiming at recruiting and engaging customers through games and interactive mobile advertising. The French have a strong position regarding Conversion; they see it as a long-term relationship of brand management, rather than an immediate monetized ad campaign.

The global e-commerce industry saw impressive growth in 2014, with goods and services worth $1.5 trillion bought by shoppers via desktops, tablets and smartphones. Advertisers are now spending an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on Internet advertising. This ad spend is forecast to surpass $160 billion in 2015, of which more than $58 billion will be spent on display advertising. (Source: eMarketer). We'll be covering digital marketing and online customer experience at the upcoming Incite Summit: East as well.

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