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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Oreo sparks major comments campaign [T]here is nothing like a bit of controversy to get the social netwo...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Oreo sparks major comments campaign

Oreo PrideThere is nothing like a bit of controversy to get the social networks chattering overtime. This is what happened to Oreo after posting what seemed to be an innocent image on their Facebook page in support of Gay Pride.

The image received 36,000 comments in just two days and started a debate that is still raging. What is interesting is that a corporation like Kraft felt it was able to court controversy in this way, revealing perhaps that corporations are understanding that they must lead debates if they are to really lever their social media into useful communications spaces.

Intel’s Me The Musical extends brand awareness

As one of the most liked and followed brands, Intel has been thinking of ways to top their last marketing campaign. This time they have stepped into the world of song and dance for their latest Me The Musical campaign.

Once visitors to Intel’s Facebook page has installed Intel’s app, information about that person and other significant events throughout the time like is used to build their own personalised musical. Connected their fans to their brand in this way cements the advocacy that Intel know exists.

 Global Fortune 100 social media stats

The Burson-Marsteller Global Social Media Check-Up 2012 looked closely at how the Global Fortune 100 companies have been fairing over the last year with their use of social media. What is clear is that Twitter is dominant driving the online conversations of the world’s largest companies. Video continues to expand and is becoming vital to all social communications across the social space.

And corporations are waking up to how social media can help their businesses with a 10% increase since 2010 of corporations using at least one social media platform. Over half of these companies are now using Google+ with a quarter already on Pinterest.

3 out of 5 consumers expect a response from a brand’s social media

Arnold Worldwide ReportA new report from Arnold Worldwide once again reinforced a brand’s need to communicate via the social networks it uses. A massive 59% of respondents said that they expected to be responded to if they made contact with a brand via social media.

These percentages increase to 74% for consumers in Brazil and a massive 83% for respondents in China. Here in the UK the figure is 40% with the US slightly less as 39%. More importantly however, is that 60% of users have posted a comment – positive or negative – about their experience. When was the last time your company checked its social networks for customer comments and queries?

In Brief…

Mobile commerce continues to expand

IBM has released a new report that shows that where just a few short months ago Facebook was the place to be for social commerce, today it’s mobile. The share of smart phone shopping has increased to just over 15% in just three months. However, in the same period social commerce – usually typified by Facebook – dropped to 1.9%. The research confirms that businesses that want to take advantage must be on mobile platforms. And with NFC just around the corner, m-commerce is about to explode.

Images engage across social networks

They say that an image is worth a thousand words; well new research from Performics confirms this. When asked what type of content was the most interested when posted on social networks, 35% said images. The number expanded to 44% when the same was asked about brand pages. Also, it seems that consumers like videos from brands much more than those posted by friends or family.

How social are CEOs?

According to the latest research from while the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs have yet to pick up the pace in their personal social media efforts, it seems those who do will be better equipped to successfully grow their companies. And with both employees and consumers clamouring for connection and clarity, CEOs who commit themselves to social media are more likely to be rewarded with better engagement and loyalty at every level.

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