By Conference Recording - July 15th, 2015

Generate an integrated social support structure for quicker, more transparent support

Learn how to:

  • Fully integrate social intro your customer service operations for seamless coordination: Break down departmental silos, and map-out workflows and responsibilities for company-wide consistency

  • Shift from Reactive to Proactive Customer Support: Get on the front foot - solve problems before they become complaints through forecasting and predictive analytics.

  • Transition to self-help and peer-to-peer help to maximize call diversion and efficiency gains: Generate quick and engaging methods of self and peer-to-help that make problem solving faster for your customer, and cheaper for you company.

Hear from:

  • American Airlines, Head of Social Customer Experience,Annette Hernandez

  • Amica Mutual Insurance Co, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Lisa Melton

  • General Motors, Social Strategy Lead, Whitney Drake

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