By Liam Dowd - October 14th, 2014

How to integrate social media with email marketing, the growth of social ad spending and improving social customer services

Social shows growth with ad spend

According to the latest stats from the IAB and PwC, social media showed a 73% increase in ad spend for the first half of 2014. The report from last year revealed that 32% of digital ads are on social networks with 48% of mobile display ads appear on social platforms. This year’s report from IAB/PwC also predicts that digital consumer spending will outstrip traditional retailing with digital advertising moving past TV by 2017.

IAB PWC Digtial Ad Spending

How to integrate social media with email marketing

According to research carried out by Gigacom and Extole, social media and email are very close bedfellows when it comes to effective marketing. Gigacom concluded: “Our study examined not just the most commonly used digital tactics but also where marketers plan to allocate their budgets. In essence, we wanted to know where the money is going in digital marketing. As shown in the following table, the top three digital-marketing tactics receiving digital spend are social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, and the three least popular are referral marketing, affiliate marketing, and paid search.”

Digital Marketing Programs Used regularly

To bring the two marketing channels of email and social media, a new infographic from Constant Contact offers 13 tips to integrate these two channels together. With more email opened on mobile devices, and social media access also seeing yearly increases across the mobile space, corporations should ensure their mobile marketing strategies include fully integrated email and social media messages.


How to improve social customer service

Social media has had a profound impact on every aspect of a corporations’ activity, but perhaps none more so than customer services. Corporations now understand that developing close personal relationships with their customers have a clear commercial value. And with consumers increasingly favouring social media as a customer services contact point, improving this aspect of your business’ operations is vital. A new infographic from Engagor offers some advice on how your corporation can improve this critical service.

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