By Liam Dowd - January 14th, 2015

Why personalisation will dominate social media in 2015. Facebook’s lead with none profit organisations and multiple social media usage.

Facebook leads for none profit communications

“For the third year, we asked none profits to rank the importance of specific social media sites to their communications plans,” says the report. “Little has changed among the top four sites, but we do see some interesting developments in the second tier, with Instagram growing in importance some 900% over just two years.”
Facebook continues to reign supreme with none profits, with 96% putting it in their top three social media sites. A whopping 81% put it in first place as their most important social media site. Only 2% of none profits said they will not use Facebook in 2015. 
Twitter holds firmly in second place, with 76% putting it in their top three. Only 11% put Twitter in first place. About as many none profits, 12% said they would not use Twitter in 2015. YouTube holds on to third place, with 46% putting it in their top three. 13% of none profits said they will not use YouTube in 2015.
Instagram jumped into fifth place, leapfrogging over Pinterest and Google+ in the last year. This is not surprising, as none profits said in the 2014 report that Instagram was the number one social media site they planned to add or experiment with. They seem to have followed through. Google+ is in sixth place, jumping ahead of Pinterest from last year, with 46% of none profits said they will not use Google+ in 2015.
None Profit Use of Social Media

Personalisation to dominate 2015

How well do you know your customers? If you hope to keep their business (and gain new clients) in 2015, personalized marketing is key. With unprecedented customer data, marketers are creating customized experiences for site visitors. Are you?
This is the question asked by a new infographic rom Formstack that takes a broad overview of how personalisation will become even more important to marketers than it has been in the past. 
According to this research nearly half (45%) of all online shoppers will be more likely to visit online retailers via personalised recommendations. With a quarter of personalised emails claiming a 15% click-through rate, getting personal with your corporation’s customers is a must in 2015.
Personalised Marketing in 2015

2015 digital trends and predictions

Each year Soap gaze into their crystal ball and attempt to predict what corporations will need to pay close attention to in the digital space.

WhatsApp leads for news consumption in Qatar

If your corporation uses social media as a news communications channel, and also does business in Qatar, research from the BBC will be of great interest. The BBC outlined their approach:
Covering eight social media services ranging from older and more established networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to newer entrants like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Path, this research offers an up-to-date analysis of the attitudes and behaviour of social media users in Qatar.
In doing this, the team sought to produce a rich evidence base to help different stakeholders determine the best way to reach particular consumers. As in any market, it demonstrates the diversity of online audiences and the need to deploy different approaches to engage them.
Of the eight services studied, WhatsApp was identified as Qatar’s leading social media service, across all groups. Use of this channel includes the type of social media behaviour found (and perhaps more expected) on more traditional networks. This includes large-scale group discussions around the news, cooking and religion, through to simple SMS replacement activities.
WhatsApp is used by 87% of Qatar's total internet population (expats and Qataris) and 97% of all Qataris who are online.
The research also revealed that Qataris are more aware of newer networks like Snapchat (77% of Qatari internet users versus 39% of expats) and Instagram (97% versus 65%); and that they tend to be among the earliest adopters of these emerging social media services.

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