By Liam Dowd - January 7th, 2015

Find out which articles generated the most interest among our global readership in the past year

2014 was an exciting year in the world of corporate social media .

At last year's #CSMNY we heard many cases where social media had become part of the centralised business strategy - which I feel is a defining evolution for corporate social media. 

This change can is also reflected in the variety of content published over the course of the year here at

In order of most read, here are the 5 articles which proved to be the most compelling of the lot;

  1. Big Data in Social Media: Social Mining Part 2: Finding insight - Big Data offers endless streams of information. How your corporation locates actionable trends is key to leveraging these vast data stores
  2. How to create innovative, creative and thought-provoking content Part 3 - Social media thrives on the ability to share content. If your brand creates engaging and creative content, this will be shared on a global scale promoting your business and brand.
  3. Social Mining Part 1: How Big Data is transforming customer insights - Every corporation is gathering masses of data from its social media activities, but how should your organisation leverage this information?
  4. Has Social Media Increased the Levels of Customer Satisfaction? - As the relationship between brands and consumers grows closer thanks to social media, how has satisfaction changed?
  5. How to spend your corporation’s social media marketing budget - Choosing which social media networks should gain more of your corporation’s marketing spend is now of paramount importance to deliver high levels of engagement and loyalty.

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