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Vice-Presidents and Directors from the world’s biggest and most social brands will gather at an annual summit in September to outline the future of corporate social media

London, (July 9th, 2014)

Social media has revolutionized the way customers behave. It is now more fundamental than ever for businesses to become more customer-centric.

Speaking ahead of the Corporate Social Media Summit in San Francisco, top level executives from NasaWells Fargo, LinkedIn, Southwest Airlines and Hilton Worldwide emphasized that a deeper customer understanding learnt through social data is crucial to one’s future social and wider business strategy.

Echoing this, Jack Edgar, Project Director at Useful Social Media highlights that, “2014 is a year filled with both challenges and opportunities for companies leveraging social media. Social media has helped generate a customer-base which has more power than ever. Unless you improve customer understanding and proximity to generate unrivalled customer experience, you will lose competitive advantage.”

On the plus side however, social media provides evermore opportunity to understand your customers, through the power of social data, generating actionable insight for a more meaningful and personalised customer interaction. Social businesses must switch from product-centric to customer-centric.

This development is even more fitting considering that 80% of companies plan on using social media for customer service by the end of 2014.

However a further 92% of marketers say that they could do more to understand and be more closely aligned to their customers.

Responding to these developments, the 4th Annual Corporate Social Media Summit San Francisco will offer social media executives - as well corporate communicators and marketers - the specific critical insight to help map a strategy through this challenging but exciting terrain.

Over 200 corporate social media, marketing and communications executives from some of the world’s most social brands will gather this September.

Engaging discussions will deliver in-depth insight into the most complex issues in social media, from enhancing collaboration and deepening customer understanding to maximizing engagement and boosting competitive advantage.

In this year of challenge and opportunity, the Corporate Social Media Summit promises to arm delegates with new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan to revolutionize social media offerings.

The world of social has changed, again. Customers have more choice – and power – than ever before, hence it’s increasingly critical for social businesses to put customer-centricity at the heart of what they do.

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