By nickjohnson - October 16th, 2013

We mentioned last week that Nielsen were launching a new ‘cross-platform’ campaigns rating system in the UK, in an effort to remain relevant in a world of new metrics, measurements and rating systems.

Their work has evidently convinced BSkyB, Mecca Bingo and Halifax - all of whom have signed up.

The new system doesn’t claim to measure all channels - it simply takes TV ad exposure and online exposure, and reports a combined audience.

However, this relatively limited focus still highlights an interesting trend. The company found that the ‘incremental reach’ of a campaign (ie the number of people who see ads online that they wouldn’t see on TV) varies between 0.4% and 14.1%. More than that, the bigger the TV campaign, the smaller the incremental reach.

For more detail on the new system, and impressions from BSkyB as to it’s utility, check out this article in The Drum.


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