By Nick Johnson - August 21st, 2015

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Director of Shopper Marketing to join Prudential and eBay in New York at the USA's best brand-focused marketing conference.

Steve McGowan, Director of Shopper Marketing, Mondelez InternationalSteve McGowan is responsible for leading the Shopper Marketing function across all customers and channels for the entire Mondelez International portfolio in the USA. He is the 40th major brand executive to join the speaker roster at the forthcoming Incite Summit East, the Incite Group's flagship conference, focusing on marketing and customer experience.

McGowan will speak alongside Jennifer Putney, VP of Marketing and Strategy for Prudential Retirement, and eBay's Mary Gilbert, Director of Strategy and Planning. The three are panellists in a session entitled "Your Brand Everywhere: Stay Strong, No Matter The Medium" which will cover the increasing challenge of consistent messaging in a world where marketing platforms and channels are fragmenting into ever more niches increasingly rapidly.

The conference as a whole is unusual in the space in that it focuses entirely on 'in-house' marketers. The speaker roster is exclusively populated with executives working in senior marketing positions for large corporations, and as such, the perspective offered in sessions is markedly more relevant and to the conference's target audience, Marketing Directors and Managers who work 'in-house' at their companies.

The tagline for this year's event is "Your Customers are Smarter than Your Marketing: Engage with a Savvy Customer Base Through Authenticity, Relevance and Transparency" - and the agenda itself is the result of months of original research with senior marketers from across the USA. As such, the show will primarily focus on five key areas:

  1. Getting closer to customers through better data management: Leveraging data from multiple datasets and bringing it together to build a more comprehensive and useful picture of your customer base and individual customers

  2. Delivering a seamless customer experience: Investigating how to get disparate internal groups - both within and beyond the marketing department - to work together to provide exceptional experience to customers, no matter the touchpoint

  3. Building up content production to generate deeper engagement: Making the leap between 'brand' and 'publisher' and setting oneself apart from the increasing noise in the branded content space

  4. Promoting agility to move quickly towards real-time analysis and campaigns: How to evolve internal structure and workflows to move at the (increasing) 'pace of the customer'

  5. Building a consistent brand in a fragmented marketing landscape: As covered by McGowan et al, and in several other sessions, we'll investigate how to build a strong brand in an increasingly challenging environment

Other executives confirmed to speak include senior representatives from multiple industry verticals, including ESPN, Amtrak, Cisco, Activision, HSBC, Citi, Dell, Fresh Direct, EmblemHealth, Abloy and Baked By Melissa.

For more information on the conference, head to

The Incite Summit East 2015

November 2015, The Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

The USA's best brand-focused marketing conference. Featuring CMOs, SVPs and marketing leaders from Dell, Citi, Chobani, Activision, HSBC, Mondelez and many more.

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