By nickjohnson - April 18th, 2013

As part of the run up to the 2013 Incite Summit, we asked 300+ marketing and communications executives about the key issues they see impacting on their roles in 2013.

While our survey results have come as a boon to those predicting a big year for customer-centricity, they give short shrift to those talking of big data’s huge impact on corporate marketing and communications/


Put simply, the practitioners don’t agree.


Only 7% of respondents say it’s going to have the biggest impact on their role in 2013. It falls behind not just customer-centricity, but multi-channel marketing and the ability to deliver more unique customer experiences through better personalisation/segmentation/customer insight.


While it’s obviously true that the impact of big data is liable to fall far more broadly than on simply the marketing and communications departments, and equally, that the topic is nevertheless one of the top 7 responses throughout our research, it’s still a surprising showing. Big data is perhaps one of the most talked about developments of the last decade, and the potential impacts on business are undeniably vast. But, as suggested above, multi-national corporations are not known for moving fast. Evidently this new strategic opportunity hasn’t filtered down yet into the marketing and communications departments.


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