Internal Organization

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: To win customers, empower those who serve them

admin, (Jun 30, 2016)

●        Take an integrated approach:With more than 110 million connected customers, Verizon’s Domenico...

STRATEGY: Develop a digital perspective across everything you do

admin, (Jun 30, 2016)

●        Remain relevant: To keep up with the pace of change takes more than top-down demands, you need a change...

TALENT: Organize, hire and train - transform your team into a modern digital marketing organization

admin, (Jun 30, 2016)

●        Adapt to stay competitive:Learn how Intuit modernized their marketing organization without compromising...

Spread a Collaborative, Data-First, and Test-Focused Mindset across Your Department

admin, (Dec 9, 2015)

Use Data Everywhere: Make customer information easy to access and parse, so that you make consulting it an easy habit to adopt. See Where Your...

Leveraging Economic Growth: The French Industry Awards in Digital Innovation

Nelsy Rodriguez, (Oct 17, 2015)

Our European correspondent Nelsy Rodriguez gives us the update on Europe's most impressive tech developments across industries.

Use the voice of the customer to streamline your customer experience

David Howell, (Oct 7, 2015)

Customer data needs to become the foundation for your customer service.

Employee Advocacy: Harness your employees for greater innovation and engagement

Conference Recording, (Jun 15, 2015)

Moreover, when employees share something with their social networks, it has 20 times more reach that typical brand sharing. It is time to...

The Future of the Brand/Agency Relationship

Mark Kersteen, (Jun 10, 2015)

We spot trends. We can’t help it. We talk to marketers, we follow the industry, and we see them coming. The changing relationship between brand marketers and external agencies has been on our radar for a while. Recently, we’ve seen some interesting developments.

The Marketer As Bridge-Builder

Conference Recording, (May 19, 2015)

A fireside chat between Kirk Thompson, Head of Marketing at IHOP and Laura Ramos of Forrester on how to drive collaboration and share information...

Storytelling For Success

Conference Recording, (May 18, 2015)

Laura Thomas, Chief Blogger at Dell and John Koller, Vice-President of Platforms Marketing at Sony PlayStation discuss their approaches to...

How to Build your Agile Marketing Dream Team

Stephanie Faris, (Apr 2, 2015)

Agile marketing involves hiring teams that can launch campaigns, test for results, and quickly adjust based on those results

Infographic: The State of Social Customer Service

Anonymous, (Mar 18, 2015)

A new guest blog from Conversocial

Promo: A truly Customer-Centric Social Media Strategy… Easier Said Than Done?

Jack Edgar, (Mar 9, 2015)

A new way of thinking is required

Going Global

David Howell, (Jan 28, 2015)

Social media marketing needs to move onto a global stage and take into consideration the cultural differences that exist to ensure each message reaches its full potential.

The State of Marketing Leadership

David Howell, (Jan 15, 2015)

As corporations enter a new year, CMOs will be tasked with developing their business’ marketing strategies. Increasingly this will mean evolving their customer touchpoints especially across social media networks.

The social CEO Part 3: Using the right digital tools

Tamsin Oxford, (Nov 26, 2014)

Just like the corporation, the CEO is a brand and must engage on the right platforms in order for communication to be effective

The Social CEO Part 2: Driving customer engagement from the top down

Tamsin Oxford, (Nov 19, 2014)

For CEOs to succeed across social media and leverage these networks for their benefit of their corporations, a deep understanding of social business is needed