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The draining of power from brand to consumer continues apace: Customer purchases tweet to complain

nickjohnson, (Sep 3, 2013)

Hasan Syed had a bad experience with British Airways, who lost his bag. It’s increasingly common for customers to tweet complaints about their...

The Weekly Incite Survey: Back to Basics

nickjohnson, (Aug 28, 2013)

Every week, we ask our community for their feedback on key issues for marketers and communicators. We'll pool answers to find useful trends and...

Wednesday Update: The CMO/CIO Divide; Big Data = Low Priority and GM's refocus post-Ewanick

nickjohnson, (Aug 28, 2013)

Bridging the CMO-CIO Divide: how one exec became CMO after decades in the IT backroom Accenture have just released a report entitled "The CMO-CIO...

Dealing with a social media crisis: How to tackle the dissemination of incorrect information unleashed on a believing public

adaptive, (Aug 28, 2013)

How to combat a social media crisis: Part 1: Information is the key to your customer’s heart, but what if it’s wrong? Here’s how to get your systems secure in a social media crisis…

The Weekly Incite Survey: Your 2014 Priorities

nickjohnson, (Aug 21, 2013)

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

4 things you need to do to be a more customer-centric business: Insight from MetLife, Lenovo and

nickjohnson, (Aug 21, 2013)

In this third extract from the forthcoming Incite Briefing - "The Accessible Consumer: Transforming Marketing and Communications to 2015" - we look...

Brands in the news this week: J Crew; Pepsi and Coca Cola

nickjohnson, (Aug 21, 2013)

Coca Cola’s new PR campaign seeks to address fears from parents, communities and even Mayor Bloomberg on the fizzy drink’s damaging effect on...

The State of Play: Marketing and Communications are in flux

nickjohnson, (Aug 14, 2013)

Over the last six months, we have collected feedback from several hundred marketing and communications executives from corporations. This information...

The Accessible Consumer: Transforming marketing and communications to 2015

nickjohnson, (Aug 14, 2013)

“things are being transformed quite significantly - [they] are changing and accelerating fast.” The heading above is a direct quote from Marc...

Tough Questions: 62.5% say big data hasn't had a meaningful impact on their role...yet

nickjohnson, (Jul 31, 2013)

Every week, we ask our community to answer a tough question. The aim is to pull together some useful statistics, trends and benchmarks that are...

Big data: What you need to know from the new Econsultancy report

nickjohnson, (Jul 31, 2013)

Big data. The term that launched a thousand white papers.   And when you look at some of the statistics floating around, one shouldn’t be...

How to develop a brand voice using social media Part 2: Have a brand voice? Tell everyone in your company.

adaptive, (Jul 31, 2013)

Having a brand voice is a great thing but if you don’t ensure all departments within your corporation understand it, there won’t be any coherence or consistency to promote your business’ brand value

Do you really need to have a big data strategy?

nickjohnson, (Jul 24, 2013)

Rachel Hall from Honda has written a very interesting critique of the current drive towards data-driven marketing, over at the DMA Blog. We’ll have...

Fortune 500 social media adoption rates grow. Slowly.

nickjohnson, (Jul 24, 2013)

The Center for Marketing research over at UMass Dartmouth have just released the next in their series of influential Fortune 500 Social Media...

A collection of some of the best Royal Baby ads from big brands

nickjohnson, (Jul 24, 2013)

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge had a baby this week.   Many brands have taken advantage, by attempting to link their products to the...

Wednesday Update: The rise of multi-channel, brand Vine mistakes, increases in marketing budgets and more

nickjohnson, (Jul 17, 2013)

More evidence that multi-channel marketing is becoming the norm in the age of the accessible consumer We at Incite have long banged the drum for a...

Nora Denzel on leading Intuit’s “Big Data for the Little Guy”

nickjohnson, (Jul 17, 2013)

In the run up to the Incite Summit East, we  interviewed several of our leading corporate executive speakers. In this interview, we talk to Nora...

Unmetric Guest Blog:The 11 Most Liked Brand Posts on Facebook

Anonymous, (Jul 4, 2013)

What’s behind the psychology of a Like, and why aren’t there any scientific studies telling social media managers what process a person goes through as they hit the Like button?

Chobani's CCO on why allowing your customer to drive your business will boost your bottom line

nickjohnson, (Jun 26, 2013)

Nicki Briggs is the Chief Marketing Officer at Chobani, the US-based Greek Yogurt company. She is one of the Chief Marketing and Communications...

How to use customer feedback to improve your business. Part 2: Manage and analyse raw data to gain value

adaptive, (Jun 26, 2013)

Raw data is about as useful as a chocolate teapot so here’s how to manage it effectively for powerful business results.